New Wave Of Music #21

Hey Hey!

So if you haven't already then please enter Music Liberation's first competition (see post HERE) to win one of three signed copies of The Glimmers new album. The closing date for the competition is 20th July.

Today's post is merely a list of tracks that I've really been into of late, let me know your thoughts, positive or negative!

MP3: South Central - Golden Dawn *(Highly recommended, the drop is awesome!)

MP3: Bloc Party - Mercury *(I really like it, it's different and edgy)

MP3: Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat *( CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR ALBUM!)


  1. Ohh hells yeah, they are one truly awesome sound.. have loved them for time! Bring on that amazing Aussie music machine that is; Teenagers In Tokyo.!! Good choice. :)


  2. Yo dude. I'm free! So if you still want to collaborate on a podcast or something like that, I'm up for it!

    I agree with you on Mercury- although have you heard the Telemitry remix? It's so, so, sooooo much better than the original.


  4. Hiya and sorry of the last post (fingers slipped!).

    Great blog! I added you to my list of music blogs at: .

    Please feel free to do the same or comment when you want to publish more information about your blog on my site.



  5. I have Late Of The Pier album
    Just amazing :)


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