New Music : Delorentos / Kid Cola / Gejius / Funeral Party

The past week or so my ears have been pretty much dominated by BBC Radio 1's Masterpieces feature on the Zane Lowe show, and so my new music quota has been pretty low. Out of the four albums featured the only one I hadn't heard was the self titled Stone Roses LP, which didn't do much for me to be honest. The others were the self titled Rage Against The Machine album, Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd, and Music For A Jilted Generation by The Prodigy, all of which were totally awesome.

Despite Zane Lowe dominating me (Urgh!), I did still discover some wicked new tunes last week.

First up is a wicked band who got in touch with me called Delorentos. They are a young Irish band who have seemingly been gaining much praise in thair native homeland for their blend of infectious indie rock. Their debut album "In Love With Detail" was released last year to much critical acclaim, and hopefully the LP can have a similar interest over here. I really like the energy the band have, which stems mainly from the high tempo drums and at times frentic guitars. Delorentos are well worth checking out. MP3: Delorentos - The Basis Of Everything / Myspace

Kid Cola has been working his magic again, this time it's a reworking of Crystal Fighters "I Love London". It's all about the bass with this guy, it's so heavy and sick!! He is definatley one to look out for in 2009. MP3: Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Kid Cola Remix) / Myspace

We're always on the look out for new producers here at Music Liberation, and Gejius may well be our new man. Based out of Portland, Oregon in the US little is known so far about this guy, apart from the fact that he's sent us a couple of awesome tunes which are bass heavy and groove laden. MP3: Fast Computers - So Sad (Gejius Remix) / Myspace

Finally we have Funeral Party, a five piece electro rock band from California. Much in the vein of Black Kids, they create highly danceable electro fused rock music that you find hard to ignore or not like. Their debut album should be released in April of next year, its currently being recorded in the Mars Volta's studio in Los Angeles. Another artist I see big things for next year. MP3 Funeral Party - Carwars / Myspace


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