Top 30 Albums Of 2008 - Part 3 (10-1)

Here is the final part to this years top 30 albums of 2008 list. It took a little while to narrow down the albums to get the top 10, but predominantly the core of the list has been top 10 material as soon as I heard the particular album. One omission from the top 30 list is The Music - "Strength In Numbers", an album that would surely have made the list had I not only heard the record a few days ago. I'd love to know what you think of the list as a whole and my choices for the top 5 so please use the comment function below.

Finally thanks to everyone who has visited the site over the past year, I feel Music Liberation has changed, hopefully for the better, into a blog which although connected to the mainstream is more about brand new emerging artists from all over the world. Stay tuned for 2009 where hopefully the site will get even bigger and better! Cheers! Sid.

10. The Subways - All Or Nothing

Label: Infectious

Released: 30/06/08

9. The Presets - Apocalypso

Label: Island

Released: 23/06/08

8. Santogold - Santogold

Label: Atlantic

Released: 12/05/08

7. The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed

Label: 679

Released: 15/09/08

6. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Angles

Label: Sunday Best

Released: 12/05/08

5. Chase And Status - More Than Alot

Label: RAM

Released: 13/10/08

4. Rolo Tomassi - Hysterics

Label: Pias

Released: 22/09/08

3. Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel

Label: Parlophone

Released: 11/08/08

2. Foals - Antidotes

Label: Transgressive

Released: 24/03/08

1. Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season

Label: Visible Noise

Released: 29/09/08


  1. can you edit in some of your opinions on the albums? I'm not familiar with quite a few of them (a good thing considering how many lists I've read in the last week) but it'd be a lot easier to understand what's good about the albums from someone who enjoyed them. My list will be up soon.

  2. great list Sid. esp nice seeing The Subways, Ida Maria and Black Kids. now how about your favourite songs of the year?

  3. Great list and great blog.
    Happy New Year.

  4. are you shitting me?
    Bring Me The Horizon as #1?

    that album was deathcore at it's worst.


    Now, their first album was something...


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