New Music - Glassjaw / The Prodigy / Turbowolf / The Japanese Popstars

Back to normality for Music Liberation, here's a fresh dose of brand new music.

[BTW - Eye May Listen won the "which blog can destroy all overs" poll with 29%, closely followed by Stereokill and Music Liberation on 19%, and Fucking Dance with 12%. The other notables were - Mongoloid Gash (9%), The Only Thing I Know For Sure (3%), The Blue Walrus (3%), and The Cold Cut (3%).]

MP3: Glassjaw - You Think Your John Fucking Lennon [Glassjaw will almost certainly be back next year with their long awaited third album, of which this track is taken from. I think it's brutal, typically heavy but melodic, a perfect post-hardcore track that makes me pretty excited about hearing the full album. Daryl Palumbo has such a powerful and effective voice.] Glassjaw

MP3: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die [This is the title track from the new Prodigy album which will be released next year. It's pretty much what you'd expect from them; a big synth driving the song with some thumping bass and pounding beats that will surely tear dance floors up. It will be interesting to see how the album works out, whether there will be much experimentation with the Prodigy format, but either way im expecting big things.] The Prodigy

MP3: Turbowolf - Bite (Louder) [I admitedly don't know too much about Turbowolf, other than that they come from Bristol, and that they totally rock out! They fuse awesome old school rock riffs and drums with current day electronica synths and effects. They remind me of a heavier Late Of The Pier. They don't appear to have released anything substantial yet, so hopefully they'll have an E.P out in the near future.] Turbowolf

MP3: The Japanese Popstars - Electronica Poet [The Guardian commented on how you can file The Japanese Popstars next to "Orbital, Underworld, and The Chemical Brothers", so I was expecting big things when this track appeared in my inbox. Thankfully the tune didn't let me down! The Guardian comment is pretty accurate, "Electronic Poet" is a slow building dance track with various elements added until the drop is reached and everybody (presumably in a club) goes mental. I think big things will be expected of this Irish trio due to the hype they have generated, and whether they can deliver with a full length remains to be seen. I have a copy of the album so i'll give it a few listens and post up a review.] The Japanese Popstars

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  1. Lovin The Japenese Popstars..They played in the college bar at NUIG recently and they were awesome!! Thanks for the post..

  2. After hearing the new Glassjaw tune i'm willing to hold out some hope for it. Just wish Daryl would stop being such a girl.


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