New Music : Casxio / Andy George / Mr Vega / Pope Joan

New month, new tunes. March has not only brought with it some much needed sunshine to the UK (alas it snowed again last night!), but also a huge sackload of wicked tracks. Check out the tunes below!

There's a slightly new formula to Music Liberation now. To avoid posts being taken down, i'm now only going to post mp3's of which I have the express permission to do so. I'll bring the rest to you in the format of a handy mini-mix at the end of each month. Sound good?

From Los Angeles come four piece Casxio. The band are looking to build a platform before their forthcoming appearance at the inaugural SXSW, so therefore are giving away the previously unreleased track "Seventeen". The band have clear groove and pop sensibilities, sounding very much like a more mature sounding Black Kids. They certainly warrant more discovery and eartime. Myspace

Moda resident and Radio 1 DJ, Andy George, definatley knows his electronic music. So it's no surprise that he chose to remix the second single from dancefloor's newest headturners, Rochelle. "Chin Up" is a slow burning affair, but when that weird synth kicks in it'll grab your attention for sure. The single will be released through Planet Clique on 13th April. Myspace

One look at Mr Vega's myspace certainly shows he must be one of the busiest producers out there right now. He's done a whole host of remixes, from Portishead, Ladyhawke, Kanye West, Micheal Jackson, Radiohead, The Kills, the list goes on and continues in variety. His latest effort, a remix of a Depeche Mode classic will please not only please 80's enthusiasts (ED: Yeah me!) but also modern day house lovers. Myspace

Brighton is a place which in recent times has become almost a musical mecca for awesome new music (Blood Red Shoes, The Maccabees, British Sea Power, etc etc). It's brilliant for music lovers, but also leads to lots of people wanting to get in on the act, their slice of the pie. This could leave the scene saturated, with good acts getting lost amongst the average ones. Luckily one band has managed to put their head above the water, four piece Pope Joan. Sounding like a more grounded Foals, their explosion of guitars, drums, synths, and vocals is quite infectious. Myspace