New Music : George Lenton / Goodnight Owl / True Pseudo / Leg-No

Greetings music lovers, here's some tasty new cuts of music. My appeal for new writers on Music Liberation was a success, you'll be seeing some new faces round here pretty soon, so watch out!

MP3: George Lenton - Jungle Whomp
Dubstep is really taking off this year, even starting to break into the mainstream with Snoop Dog remixing Chase And Status, interesting times. I like my dub to be heavy, so this new track from the UK's George Lenton hits the nail square on. It's all about the attitude for me, a big churning bassline, squirly synths and correctly postioned vocals combining to full effect. Check George's myspace for more orginal material as well as his wicked remixes. Myspace

MP3: Goodnight Owl - Maps & Compasses
Goodnight Owl are a duo from central Australia. Lifelong friends Eddie Alexander and Joe Walker decided to form in their words a "folktronica" band. For me they are a modern day pop band, following such acts as Passion Pit and MGMT, creating music which combines an electronic beat with vocals which are much akin to forward thinking folk. Myspace

MP3: True Pseudo - Freaking Me Out
This track collides Justice with The Prodigy, fusing dance music with rock undertones. And it works. It's quite messy and in your face, but then thats the intention. The vocals are messed around with to sound restricted. It's an exciting direction for two d+b producers and fan of electro to take, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it. Myspace / Beatport

MP3: Leg-No & Emma - Outdated
Leg-No comes from London and produces tasty cuts of electronic music from across the board, with hip hop beats, dubstep, house, and grime. This particular track features vocals from Emma, who is a pretty talented vocalist from Germany, coming up with a cross between Lady Sovereign and Santogold. The track is very well produced and big things should be expected from Leg-No in the future. Myspace