New Music : Photomachine / Crash Overdrive / Pilotpriest

Photomachine is back with a new track "Burn Up", which takes up where his previous material left off with bouncy, jerky, synths intertwined with a standard slow house beat. There is a clear rhythm to this track, with clear nods to artists such as Basement Jaxx and Buraka Som Siesta when it comes to beat making at slightly slower beats per minute. There are lots of weird samples thrown in for good measure such as sirens, bleeps, and vocal cuts, but they certainly don't distract from a feel good party tune. *DOWNLOAD - MP3: Photomachine - Burn Up / More Photomachine

Based out of California comes Vince Fierro, aka Crash Overdrive with his feel good house tunes. There's nothing fancy here, just a straightforward standard house beat with some euphoric synths, but I think its the simplicity that actually makes this track stand out. There are plenty of hands in the air moments which for me always signals a good house track. Look out for his forthcoming EP "Retake The Streets" out through Briefcase Rockers. *DOWNLOAD - MP3: Crash Overdrive - ArchitectureVI / More Crash Overdrive

Straight out of the Toronto tech scene comes Pilotpriest with his debut track "Zipper". This particular cut is his own "1994 Remix" which gives the track a darker and harder edge perfect for dirty, sweaty clubs. This is a strong debut track which bodes well for future releases for a man who is held in high esteem for the various remixes he has done across the board for the blogosphere. It is being released by Calamity Jane Recordings. *DOWNLOAD - MP3: Pilotpriest - Zipper / Buy on Beatport (High Quality) / More Pilotpriest