New Music : Stagecoach / The Sweet Serenades [POP SPECIAL!]

Stagecoach are a UK based indie pop act from the Surrey area, who are currently on a UK tour, and have an EP available titled "We Got Tazers!". Pop music for me is all about the melodies, you can have rock music or dance music behind it, but if the vocals are uplifting and there is a high percentage of rhyming lyrics, then i'd call Pop. Stagecoach have their feet in the rock camp, with Weezer being a clear comparison. Basically I like their tunes because they are fun and with no strings. The EP is out now on Alcopop Records. MP3: Stagecoach - Break / Stagecoach

We had The Sweet Serenades in one of our early podcasts, way back in April 2008. Well since then the Swedish duo have now released their album "Balcony Cigarettes", which I'm reliably informed received 5 out 6 in Nöjesguiden (Big music magazine in Sweden). We have "On My Way" which has a harder driving sound to their previous material , but still maintains their pop sensibilities with memorable harmonies and guitar licks. The album is set to be released here and stateside in 2010. MP3: The Sweet Serenades - On My Way / The Sweet Serenades