Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Music : George Lenton / Goodnight Owl / True Pseudo / Leg-No

Greetings music lovers, here's some tasty new cuts of music. My appeal for new writers on Music Liberation was a success, you'll be seeing some new faces round here pretty soon, so watch out!

MP3: George Lenton - Jungle Whomp
Dubstep is really taking off this year, even starting to break into the mainstream with Snoop Dog remixing Chase And Status, interesting times. I like my dub to be heavy, so this new track from the UK's George Lenton hits the nail square on. It's all about the attitude for me, a big churning bassline, squirly synths and correctly postioned vocals combining to full effect. Check George's myspace for more orginal material as well as his wicked remixes. Myspace

MP3: Goodnight Owl - Maps & Compasses
Goodnight Owl are a duo from central Australia. Lifelong friends Eddie Alexander and Joe Walker decided to form in their words a "folktronica" band. For me they are a modern day pop band, following such acts as Passion Pit and MGMT, creating music which combines an electronic beat with vocals which are much akin to forward thinking folk. Myspace

MP3: True Pseudo - Freaking Me Out
This track collides Justice with The Prodigy, fusing dance music with rock undertones. And it works. It's quite messy and in your face, but then thats the intention. The vocals are messed around with to sound restricted. It's an exciting direction for two d+b producers and fan of electro to take, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it. Myspace / Beatport

MP3: Leg-No & Emma - Outdated
Leg-No comes from London and produces tasty cuts of electronic music from across the board, with hip hop beats, dubstep, house, and grime. This particular track features vocals from Emma, who is a pretty talented vocalist from Germany, coming up with a cross between Lady Sovereign and Santogold. The track is very well produced and big things should be expected from Leg-No in the future. Myspace

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Would You Like To Write For Music Liberation?

I've come to the decision that there's just too much good quality music around for one man to cover, and so therefore i'm looking for people to join the writing team behing Music Liberation. I'm looking for like minded people who share my enthusiam for brand new music spanning all genres, basically everything thats made with the right intent and sounds awesome!

There are 5 positions that i'd like to ideally fill -
- Live Reviewer
- Interview Guru
- Single/Album Reviewer
- Overseas Reviewer 1 (From Asia somewhere)
- Overseas Reviewer 2 (Preferably Australia!).

The basic aim of filling these positions is take Music Liberation to another level. This is an exciting time for music lovers, and it would be great to have some other people on board to help take the next step with this blog.

If you'd slightly interested in writing for Music Liberation in one of the positions above then please get in touch. You can reach me (Sid) by emailing where we can talk more about the particular position and i can answer any questions you have. Just mark your email with "Music Liberation Writers".

I look forward to any responses! Cheers, Sid.

In meantime check out this awesome remix of Passion Pit.

Monday, 16 March 2009

New Music : Worriedaboutsatan / Akira The Don / Knob Jockey / Coltrane Motion / KiD COLA

Apologies for the lack of posting lately, things just seem to keep getting in the way. Anyway here's some awesome new cuts of music that i've been enjoying lately. Let me know what you think, your comments are always appreciated!

MP3: Worriedaboutsatan - You're In My Thoughts
I love it when a song takes you someplace else from where you are, purely by making you think, particuarly when the track contains no vocals and is purely instrumental. That's exactly what "You're In My Thoughts" does, the new track from Worriedaboutsatan. The music is repetitive yet it always feels like it's changing, it grabs your attention and holds it. It's an interesting combination of electronica and post rock ideas. The new album "Arrivals" is due for release on May 25th through Gizeh Records. Worriedaboutsatan Myspace

MP3: Air France - No Excuses (Akira The Don Remix)
This is wicked, really chilled out almost grime like pop from Akira The Don. It's taken from the forthcoming mixtape "The Omega Sanction" which is a little warm up to the release of his LP "The Life Equation" later this Summer. Akira is big mates with Music Liberation's Hip Hop friend Marvin, so he comes highly recomended. Akira The Don Myspace

MP3: Knob Jockey - Jockey My Nob
His name and song titles may not gather him much mainstream radio play, but Knob Jockey certainly deserves it with the quality of tunes he's produced so far. "Jockey My Nob" would quite literally destroy dancefloor's up and down the country, such is the constant assault of bass and energy throughout the track. It's an exciting time for dance music when guys like Knob Jockey, KiD COLA, and Repete are breaking through with fresh tunes which are really strong. Knob Jockey Myspace

MP3: Hidden Cat - Superfuture (KiD COLA Remix)
I'm yet to hear a KiD COLA remix that I don't like! The guy is a master of bass, knowing exactly when to throw it down and turn it up. This particular track is slower then his usual ones showing he has diversity aswell. It has a party vibe to it, perfect for those summer days. Now all we want is some KiD COLA original tunes! KiD COLA Myspace

MP3: Coltrane Motion - The Year Without A Summer
This duo come from Chicago but with may well have been over here in the UK last year from the title of this track. I like the energy of this song, particuarly the drums, which are powerful and drive the song forward. They have the ability to collide pop with rock, much like like LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip. Coltrane Motion Myspace

Thursday, 5 March 2009

New Music : Casxio / Andy George / Mr Vega / Pope Joan

New month, new tunes. March has not only brought with it some much needed sunshine to the UK (alas it snowed again last night!), but also a huge sackload of wicked tracks. Check out the tunes below!

There's a slightly new formula to Music Liberation now. To avoid posts being taken down, i'm now only going to post mp3's of which I have the express permission to do so. I'll bring the rest to you in the format of a handy mini-mix at the end of each month. Sound good?

From Los Angeles come four piece Casxio. The band are looking to build a platform before their forthcoming appearance at the inaugural SXSW, so therefore are giving away the previously unreleased track "Seventeen". The band have clear groove and pop sensibilities, sounding very much like a more mature sounding Black Kids. They certainly warrant more discovery and eartime. Myspace

Moda resident and Radio 1 DJ, Andy George, definatley knows his electronic music. So it's no surprise that he chose to remix the second single from dancefloor's newest headturners, Rochelle. "Chin Up" is a slow burning affair, but when that weird synth kicks in it'll grab your attention for sure. The single will be released through Planet Clique on 13th April. Myspace

One look at Mr Vega's myspace certainly shows he must be one of the busiest producers out there right now. He's done a whole host of remixes, from Portishead, Ladyhawke, Kanye West, Micheal Jackson, Radiohead, The Kills, the list goes on and continues in variety. His latest effort, a remix of a Depeche Mode classic will please not only please 80's enthusiasts (ED: Yeah me!) but also modern day house lovers. Myspace

Brighton is a place which in recent times has become almost a musical mecca for awesome new music (Blood Red Shoes, The Maccabees, British Sea Power, etc etc). It's brilliant for music lovers, but also leads to lots of people wanting to get in on the act, their slice of the pie. This could leave the scene saturated, with good acts getting lost amongst the average ones. Luckily one band has managed to put their head above the water, four piece Pope Joan. Sounding like a more grounded Foals, their explosion of guitars, drums, synths, and vocals is quite infectious. Myspace