Single Review : Talons vs Noumenon

The notion of split singles is a clear winner all round for me. Artists and labels get to halve the promo and production costs, whilst listeners get to check out two songs for the price of one. The trouble is when the quality of both tracks is so great I start to feel guilty and almost as if I've cheated the system. Thankfully after multiple purchases from the label's store later, my mind has eased, and i can fully enjoy this split release from Big Scary Monsters, showcasing two new artists in the form of the UK's Talons, and America's Noumenon.

Talons are quickly emerging as the new darlings of the UK instrumental post rock scene, helped undoubtedly by their recent collaboration with And So I Watch You From Afar. "Anthropods" moves with urgency, with the dual violins really helping to set them apart from their piers. We'll certainly be checking out the Hereford based band's debut record when it drops later this year.

Noumenon come from Chicago, and this is their first release in the UK. "Pimpin Zenith Part II" (ED: Say that after a few beers) begins slowly but gradually evolves into a emotionally charged track which is driven by some fine guitar playing. May 3rd see's the band release a new EP.

A quick word for Big Scary Monsters, who certainly seem to be building a high quality roster of artists, and are putting in some serious work on some exciting projects and records. If you're around Brighton on May 14th head down to The Great Escape, where you'll be able to catch the BSM showcase at Pav Tav featuring many of the labels artists.

The Talons vs Noumenon split single is released April 19th, you can pre-order it here.