Album Review : The Attika State - Measures

The Attika State may well be my favourite new (rock) find of 2010. Musically, this five-piece don't exactly produce anything groundbreaking, but what they do offer is perfectly formed and effortlessly memorable melodic pop-rock. So while there is nothing you haven't heard before, what makes 'Measures' so refreshing is just how simple and straightforward these accessible rock songs are.

'Measures' is their second full-length out now on Alcopop, following a self-released debut in 2005. The man in charge of the production is former Manic Street Preachers producer Dave Enringa - and it must be said that the overall sound quality is fantastic, especially considering it was recorded live.

Music Liberation has already had a taster of this new release with their great pre-album single 'Celebration?' in August. The rest of 'Measures' offers more of the same feel good, alternative rock. The other pre-album release 'The Horton Shuffle,' is perhaps being the strongest track of the LP. However, it really is hard to pick out highlights when all the songs are of such a consistently high quality - there are simply tonnes of huge, singalong choruses and endless big hooks, not to mention plenty of nice, little drum and guitar flourishes. 

The gang vocals of tracks like 'Story Tellers Fold,' ‘Sons Of Sons’ and 'We Share Enemies' remind the listener that The Attiaka State are, at heart, a punk-rock band – they retain a rough, post-grunge edge that shows that this band grew up listening to such melodic punk-rock bands as Hot Rod Circuit. The melancholic interludes 'Flesh' (one of my personal favourite moments) and 'Bones' break up the LP’s energetic pace, demonstrating that the band could be just at home with a more stripped down approach.

The Attika State's most powerful weapon is surely Rodolfo Barella's endearing vocals, and it is this defining element that makes you want to keep replaying 'Measures.' That voice is just so damn nice, with a lower pitch then most pop/punk/indie rock bands and with plenty of range. I really can't express how much I enjoy listening to this record. Charming stuff.