Friday, 30 April 2010

New Music : Tame Impala

Tame Impala are a four-piece hailing from Perth, Australia that have been receiving a lot of buzz lately. The band refer to themselves as “a stead flowing psychedelic groove rock band that emphasizes dream-like harmony”. I couldn’t have said it better myself… that’s exactly what these guys are. Dream-like harmonies trapped in a psychedelic rock group, not sure it could get any better. The grouped formed in 2005 as the Dee Dee Dums (a two piece guitar act), winning numerous band competitions and later renaming themselves as Tame Impala with a new drummer. The boys are releasing their first album "Innerspeaker" through Modular on May 21st in Australia, June 7th in the UK, and finally June 8th in the US. and I suspect great things from it, as should you. Prepared to be absorbed while listening to ‘Runway, Houses, City, Clouds’.

Monday, 26 April 2010

EP Review : George Lenton - Midnight E.P

Every now and then every blogger will go through a barren spell, writers block if you want, basically having no energy or enthusiasm to write about anything. Thankfully my recent rut was broken by an awesome EP which dropped in my inbox which I just had to put something down about. George Lenton you are my saviour.

We picked up on George early last year, as he produced a series of original dupstep tunes such as Troll and Jungle Whomp, as well as some tasty remixes. He returns in 2010 with his "Midnight" E.P, which upon first listen will have you re-checking exactly who your listening to. For Mr Lenton has ditched his dirty dubstep for some soothing atmospheric vibes. With the important thing being that both work really well, showing the musical talent this man clearly has.

The four track record (Midnight, San Angel, Pulaire, George Lenton Vs Al Green Simply Beautiful) is a mellow, down tempo electronic affair, with vocal clips and bleeps aplenty. The intelligent songs easily flow together, and actually the E.P works best when listened to as an entire body of work.

Not wanting to brag but we did tip George in our future sounds of 2010 post, so i guess we shouldnt be surprised with how great this record is, but actually we are because it is that good!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Single Review : Fenech-Soler - Stop And Stare

'Stop and Stare’ is the euphoric third single from British synth-pop newcomers Fenech-Soler, a three-piece hailing from Northamptonshire. Just in time for Summer, Fenech-Soler’s breezy, electronic pop is destined for the cars and Ipods of the Ray Ban wearing festival goers.

Ben, Ross and Dan have already amassed quite an assembly of famous support – having recently completed a Groove Armada support slot and collaboration, they were also asked to provide the remix of Marina and The Diamond’s hit ‘Hollywood.’ Not to mention being signed to Radio 1 DJ's Jaymo and Andy George's label Moda Music. This all may have helped propel their profile, but the hype is solely based on their chart-friendly breed of 80’s pop, Ibiza dance and nu-rave art-rock. Ok, so they’re not exactly peddling anything groundbreaking. These days I would be surprised if an artist didn’t come armed with a Pet Shop Boys twang; we’ve already had Cut Copy, Klaxons, Friendly Fires etc. Even much of Robbie Williams’ last record was laden with synth-pop. What makes Fenech-Soler stand out is that they are secure in being a ‘pop’ band. Cut Copy and Friendly Fires would rather have their pop-tinged rock perceived as art-rock. Upon listening to ‘Stop and Stare’ I didn’t catch myself trying to explain what genre it is, and I didn’t get distracted by pretentious ‘artsy’ undertones.

‘Stop and Stare’ starts with some quiet, nippy synths, slowly introducing some piano chords and a tumbling drum fill until the uplifting, all-out club anthem kicks in. The vocals are fitting and competent, but nothing extraordinary, and the resemblance to Calvin Harris is hard to ignore – the climax before the last chorus recalls the climax of Dizzee’s Calvin Harris-produced ‘Holiday’ – but the layered percussion, soaring chorus and perfect production make for a catchy and welcome pop song. At first you might decide you hate it, but it becomes increasingly hard to keep that smile repressed the more you listen to this summery single.

Purchase "Stop And Stare" from iTunes // Fenech-Soler // Moda Music

Friday, 16 April 2010

Single Review : Talons vs Noumenon

The notion of split singles is a clear winner all round for me. Artists and labels get to halve the promo and production costs, whilst listeners get to check out two songs for the price of one. The trouble is when the quality of both tracks is so great I start to feel guilty and almost as if I've cheated the system. Thankfully after multiple purchases from the label's store later, my mind has eased, and i can fully enjoy this split release from Big Scary Monsters, showcasing two new artists in the form of the UK's Talons, and America's Noumenon.

Talons are quickly emerging as the new darlings of the UK instrumental post rock scene, helped undoubtedly by their recent collaboration with And So I Watch You From Afar. "Anthropods" moves with urgency, with the dual violins really helping to set them apart from their piers. We'll certainly be checking out the Hereford based band's debut record when it drops later this year.

Noumenon come from Chicago, and this is their first release in the UK. "Pimpin Zenith Part II" (ED: Say that after a few beers) begins slowly but gradually evolves into a emotionally charged track which is driven by some fine guitar playing. May 3rd see's the band release a new EP.

A quick word for Big Scary Monsters, who certainly seem to be building a high quality roster of artists, and are putting in some serious work on some exciting projects and records. If you're around Brighton on May 14th head down to The Great Escape, where you'll be able to catch the BSM showcase at Pav Tav featuring many of the labels artists.

The Talons vs Noumenon split single is released April 19th, you can pre-order it here.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Music : We Have Band - WHB

I've reviewed the debut record from We Have Band for the excellent music and film blog Faded Glamour. Suffice to say they have made a truly brilliant album which is certainly topping my best of 2010 list so far. To read the full review please head over here, and in the meantime enjoy a streaming of "Divisive" below.

We Have Band - Divisive by Guillaume_Kayak

Monday, 5 April 2010

Single Review : Django Django - WOR

Any band who start a song with an air raid siren are making a pretty bold statement and taking a rather large risk. If the song that follows doesn't stand up to such a stark introduction then you may well lose all credibility and never recover. Thankfully for Londoners Django Django their latest single "WOR"doesn't fall into this trap.

Released this week through Bonjour Branch, WOR comes at you full throttle with rattling guitars which jerk along almost as if your at a hoe down with amplifiers. Django Django are a difficult band to put a tag on or compare to others, which as well as being refreshing also helps draw you into their spell. This track is quirky, stopping and starting all over the place, but somehow out of nowhere it will catch you off guard and win you over. Vocals are put somewhat on the back burner, where as percussion is rife throughout. It's interesting and certainly shows a band with plenty of ideas, as does b side "Skies Over Cairo" where we are introduced to a series of hypnotic keyboards and effects. Django Django are certainly a band worth looking out for this year.