Single Review : Team Me - Dear Sister

As I sit back and try to indulge any new piece of music I can’t help but feel Team Me are just another indie-pop band trying to pedal the same brand of music that is becoming all too frequent on the airwaves. However, this band has got a fantastic blend of instrumentals and harmonies that draws you in and makes you want to hear such an enthusiastic and feel good sound over and over again. The single ‘Dear Sister’ is no different either and you can’t help but feel the 6 piece outfit from Norway have really got a catchy loop that won’t be out of place on the radio.

Dear Sister isn’t going to bring you anything that’s breaking the genre of indie- pop, but will have teenagers queuing in their masses to get a part of the chino wearing culture. The sound and energy in this song is addictive and you will find yourself in the middle of a very enjoyable listen that makes you want to hear more from the band. Although with harmonies similar to that of Arcade Fire and the powerful beat of a drum that you would associate with The Temper Trap, you can feel that the band has its own identity and a unique sound that will help define them amongst their saturated genre.

Produced by Tom Mcfall, Team Me's new EP will be released April 18th, with a full length due in the Autumn. Catch the band at this years Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Team Me - Dear Sister by Music Liberation