Interview : Moda - Craig Duranti

Music Liberation has followed the development of Moda ever since they began way back in 2006. So with their 5th birthday coming this week we decided to interview one of their head honchos, Craig Duranti, to find out what the last 5 years have been like and discover what the guys have planned for this Friday's big celebration party at Tokyo Lincoln.

Music Liberation: Good afternoon Craig, for those not in know please tell us the ‘who and why’ about Moda?

Craig: "The 'who' are Jaymo, Andy George, Tom Staar, Toy Tigers and myself. My main role is the day to day running of the label. I guess the 'why' is that we spotted an opportunity do something new and exciting. In Lincoln there wasn’t a party like Moda and luckily there was a core of young, open minded people who embraced what we were trying to do immediately – Moda has always had a real family vibe!" 

ML: What have you got planned for the 5th year anniversary party on Friday?

C: "It’s going to be pretty special. Jack Beats, Alex Metric, The 2 Bears are all coming up to play alongside the whole Moda crew. It’ll be guaranteed good music and good times, with a few special birthday surprises!" 

ML: What have been some of the highlights over the past 5 years?

C: "Hmmm. Far too many to mention, but I guess Annie Mac’s first visit to The Cell was pretty special. It was 1 in 1 out by 11, and I had the task of entertaining the people who couldn’t get in the main room as it was completely rammed. Our first Engine Shed event was a proud moment too, Jay & Andy completely stepped up to the plate and delivered an amazing live Essential Mix. From a label point of view, getting Fenech-Soler on the Radio 1 playlist was a great achievement." 
ML: Upon the creation of Moda did you foresee how successful it would be?

C: "I guess we’ll all have different answers to the question. I’m just proud of everything we’ve achieved so far and extremely grateful to the boys for letting me come on board!" 

ML: What do you think has helped Moda become so established and respected?

C: "Passion, a lot of hard work and a refusal to compromise!" 

ML: As for the Moda club nights, we know you always like to get high profile DJ’s and artists on the bill, who have been some of your favourites over the years, and who are you still trying to get to play?

C: "It’s not about high profile, we always book people we want to see and I guess as the venues and parties have got bigger so is the calibre of talent we can book. Some of my favourites have been Switch, Toddla T, Crookers & Fake Blood. As for future bookings, we’re trying to get 5ive to reform for a one off show but alas no joy as yet!" 

ML: We know Moda also has a record label, Moda Music, what exciting releases have you got lined up for next 12 months?

C: "Yep, we’re just firming up our plan for next year actually. We’ve a nice stable of acts together and you should keep your eye out for Polarsets, Toy Tigers, Tom Staar, Old Soul amongst others. We want to continue to put out consistently quality EP’s without tying ourselves to one style of music." 

ML: Personally speaking, what excites you most about working for Moda?

C: "What excites me is that there is no limit to what we can achieve. Whether that is bigger, crazier parties or signing an act that goes onto sell a million albums. Anything is possible as long as we keep our work ethic up! Also, working with your mates is brilliant. It can be frustrating though when we’re in a team meeting and we all regress into childhood banter mode – Ben (Toy Tigers) has the attention span of a goldfish." 

ML: How do you see things progressing over the next 5 years?

C: "Live wise; there are some really exciting plans for 2012 that will have to remain under wraps for now! On the label we’d like to release an artist album and the next in our compilation series next year. After that, who knows! Music is ever evolving so we don’t look too far ahead." 

ML: How can people find out more about Moda and get in touch? 

C: "The website is and the blog is updated regularly with info, mixes and other cool stuff. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, and Andy’s mobile number is 07775 441***."

Many thanks to Craig for his time and his informative answers! If you're around the area of Lincoln tomorrow night then I recommend you join the Moda gang at the party!! || Tickets + Info || (Also check out the special birthday mixtape from the Moda Allstars)

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