New Music : DZ Deathrays / Phrenik / The Coathangers

DZ Deathrays

Formerly known as DZ, the newly renamed DZ Deathrays are two gentleman from Brisbane in Australia. They make loud, obnoxious, unashamedly messy rock music that needs to be played loud and proud. They have just released a new EP titled 'Brutal Tapes' through I Oh You.

The record is full of heavy ear splitting riffs and brutal drums, coupled with yelpy shouty pop vocals. It's quite apt that these guys started their band at a house party, as you can imagine their thrashy style of rock would really set things off in that intimate setting. Comparisons could be drawn with the likes of the now defunct UK based Testicles, whilst their other EP 'Ruined My Life' is well worth hunting down. || DZ Deathrays
DZ Deathrays - 'Gebbie Street' by DZDEATHRAYS


Based out of San Diego comes Phrenik, a producer who makes bass damaging dubstep that will shake the very foundations of your home. With that in mind the name of his new EP, 'Damage Control', may not come as quite a surprise. Having grown up with drum and bass like so many other producers out there the transition to dubstep has been a relatively easy one for Phrenik to make. However unlike his more commercial piers Phrenik has gone for the glitchy heavy end of the spectrum, with the results being quite terrifying. You can grab his new EP , which is out through LU10 Records, on beatport now. || Phrenik

Damage Control [OUT NOW!!!] by Phrenik

The Coathangers

The Coathangers are four ladies from Atlanta who make noisey punk rock with dollops and dollops of energy. This Summer they released an album titled 'Larceny and Old Lace' through Suicide Squeeze, and October 24th see's them release the double A side 'Hurricane/Johnny' from that LP, through the new London based label, X-Ray Recordings. 'Hurricane' is a snarly, in your face, punk rock anthem, whilst 'Johnny' takes you off your guard with its thrash like moments coupled with odd piano bits and dainty then murderous vocals. Oh and check out the quite crazy video for 'Hurricane'.

Tip: Do not cross these girls! // The Coathangers || X-Ray Recordings
'Hurricane'/'Johnny' Flexidisc by WorkItMedia