Future Sounds of 2012

Better late than never, here is this years 'Future Sounds' post, which contains a collection of artists we can't wait to hear new material from this year.

Hysterical Injury // Facebook / Twitter
Ever since we put forward Hysterical Injury for the Emerging Talent Stage for last year's Glastonbury, we've told anyone that will listen just how great they are. At the back end of last year that even included Tom Robinson, who played the band on his BBC 6Music show as we told him he had to (as did Tiffany from Drunken Werewolf). 2012 see's the band release their debut LP 'Dead Wolf Situation', and we can tell you now, its brilliant!

Gabrielle Aplin // Facebook / Twitter
We first discovered Bath's Gabrielle Aplin back in late 2010, and since then we've kept a keen eye on her development. Earlier this month she released her latest EP, 'Home', which is her strongest work to date, and has left us eagerly awaiting a future full length album hopefully later this year.

Daughter // Facebook / Twitter
Having waxed lyrical about Daughter's 2nd EP at the end of last year (The Wild Youth), its fair to say we are more than a little bit interested to hear what Elena has in store for us in 2012. Not to mention checking her out again at one of her gigs, which last year were truly something special.

LightGuides // Facebook / Twitter
Having put out one of our favourite debut EP's of last year (Samba Samba Samba), and belonging to the Alcopop! Records stable, Glasgow's LightGuides are a band we're looking forward to learning more about as we chart their seemingly unstoppable progress during the coming year.

Lucy Rose // Facebook / Twitter
We picked up on her 'Middle Of The Bed' EP at the tail end of last year, and with new single 'Red Face' carrying on where she left off, Lucy Rose is certainly attracting our attention. Recording has begun on her debut album which we can't wait to hear when its drops later this year.

Pale Seas // Facebook
Last year a band called Netherlands put out a low key release of their track 'Sooner Or Later', which made Music Liberation's Top 5 Singles of 2011. Well that band are now called Pale Seas, and that track is set to receive alot more attention. We are hungry for more, much more!


  1. good list. guess Gabrielle Aplin's going to be huge...

    1. Cheers Jeff! We haven't spoke in ages? How are you doing? Not blogging these days?

    2. been a while. life interrupts. should be back to blogging and podcasting soon though

    3. Yeah i know exactly what you mean buddy! That's great you're making a return though, i look forward to checking out what you've got. If you ever want to do us a guest blog that would be sweet man.


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