Music Liberation's Writers takeover week : Chris Meredith

Day 2 of the Music Liberation Writers takeover week. Chris Meredith picks his favourite reviews of 2011 and gives us his tips for the year ahead.

"My top 3 reviews are:

The reason I selected The Bullitts and Jay Elec as number 1 was due to how I felt the track was taking hip-hop into a new era that we are still yet to see the fruits of. Jay Electronica is one of the most exciting talents in Hip Hop who has still to drop an album and one definitely to look out for in 2012. The Bullitts creativity and eye for an excellent piece of cinematography to compliment their music is something quite extraordinary. James Samuel, who is the creative force behind The Bullitts is another artist who will be pushing the limits of where music can take you in 2012." || The Bullitts // Jay Electronica

These are the artists I'm looking forward to hearing more from in 2012:

Keaton Henson – Keaton is an extremely fragile and talented individual whose music and art complement each other in such a way it just makes you stop and think (check the video for Charad to confirm this). His voice is as fragile and raw as his appearance and will leave you asking yourself why you ever listened to Ed Sheeran! || Keaton Henson

Cloud Boat – Cload Boat are an electronic duo from R&S Records and ever since I saw them support James Blake in Cardiff early last year a week doesn’t go by where I’m not looking for new material. 'Lions on the Beach' would be their break through single for last year, but I am eagerly anticipating their EP which drops in 2012. || Cloud Boat

Architects – A band that has been tearing the roof off of venues for a long time now, but they seem to have made a way into the ears of the mainstream through gigs and festivals throughout 2011. Whatever genre you want to classify this band under (deathcore/hardcore would be most appropriate), this is a group who I just can’t take my eye off. The band has recently released the single 'Devil’s Island' whilst on tour in the UK, which shows signs of new music for 2012. This band is heart thumping rage at its best and something that they exuberate when performing live. || Architects