Music Liberation's Top 5 Tracks of 2011

We begin our round up of this year with our top 5 tracks that we reviewed in 2011. This will be followed later this week by our top 5 EPs, Music Liberation writers picks of the year, and finally our top 10 albums of the year...

1. Cloud Nothings - No Future / No Past // Reviewed November 18th by Jon Sidwell
"Beginning in a haunting fashion with distant piano and slow methodical bass and drums, front man Dylan Baldi croaks in an ever demanding voice as the music slowly builds and builds. And keep it keeps building until the wheels start to fall off, but the band keep going, with Baldi’s call to arm shouts of “No future, no past” surrounded by crashing drums and flailing guitars." || Cloud Nothings

2. Dead Red Sun - Facility // Reviewed 1st February by Jon Sidwell
"Opening with a recorded voice sample, things quickly move into instrumental territory as Mike Guppy's guitar, Ollie Bremner's bass, and Tom Murphy's drums all collide with pin point precision. The pace is fast and unnerving, making the listener acutely aware that a full on crescendo is about to occur, and it dutifully does just over halfway through the track." || Dead Red Sun

"The Bullitts are making musical masterpieces and Jaymes isn’t just satisfied with the soundtrack, he wants you to picture the inspiration behind the production. With 'Run and Hide' he has combined French cinema production, with a soulful and simple backing vocal, to which Jay Elec’ adds the finishing touch to what makes this track an absolute smash."|| The Bullitts

4. Netherlands - Something Or Nothing // Reviewed 5th September by Jon Sidwell (NB: Netherlands now renamed Pale Seas)
"Starting with some fluttering wind chimes & muted guitars, the track gently floats into pop/folk motion with the vocals of Jacob Scotts. His voice is delicate & vulnerable and fits the tender music perfectly. If you don't end up swaying along to this one then you've got serious balance issues. The harmonies are infectious, & repeated listens only further the addiction to this band and their sound."

5. Acrylics - Molly's Vertigo // Reviewed 15th August by Moker
"Take it with a pinch of British salt when I say the new single from Brooklyn based Acrylics is so good, I knew it had to originate from across the water. Whether or not I might be culturally bias towards the Americans doesn’t stop ‘Molly’s Vertigo’ from being an atmospheric, 80s tinged pop ballad of perfection."|| Acrylics