Released earlier this year through Bad Panda Records, 'Tokyo Dreamer' is the new album from 17 year old South Korean Sunik Kim. Going under the moniker of Beat Culture, this exceptionally talented young man is already onto album number two, after releasing his debut LP 'Goldenbacked Weaver' in July of last year when he was just 16.

His new record, 'Tokyo Dreamer', is a collection of 10 tracks which demonstrates Beat Culture's impeccable knowledge and skills in electronica. Kicking off with sound effects of water, the premise of which this album is based around, the opening track 'Shoreline' is an atmospheric beast, with huge soaring synths and a powerful beat as the progressive undercurrent. 'You're Hard To Resist' continues the theme, with the melodic synths driving the track along as Beat Culture expertly floats basslines in and out of the song, creating a soundscape which is hard to not get sucked in by. 

By the time of the third track 'Stars' it's pretty clear you've stumbled onto something quite special, and if you've not had a massive smile slapped on your face by the opening two tracks then you will do now. Continuing the liquid theme, 'Coastal Sentiment' brings a change of pace, but things are no less interesting and the fusion of female vocals that are weaved in and out of the track bring a further sense of the young Korean's musical appreciation. 

'If Only' and 'Midori' contain a mesmerising combination of chopped up piano, beats, vocals, and time signatures where you are once again whisked away to a magical world of lush audio bliss. 'Complete Me' is a 6 minute plus track of time stretched awesomeness which sways from one style to another. The last song of the record is the title track, and is perhaps the most uplifting of the lot, ending the album in a state of pure electronic euphoria.

The songs that make up Tokyo Dreamer have a great deal of complexity to them and yet somehow Beat Culture seems to make it all sound so simple, and for any audio fan its literally like food for your ears. Taking inspiration from the likes of Burial, James Blake, Fourtet, and Gold Panda, Beat Culture fuses a range of electronic styles such as dub, hip hop, house, and breaks, to create songs which not only get you moving, put you in a really fucking good mood, but can also transport you wherever you'd like to go.

Grab the album now as a free download on Beat Culture's bandcamp. // Beat Culture // Bad Panda Records