It feels like its been a long time coming to hear this debut self titled EP from London's Trim The Barber. We first came across the the four-piece during the Summer last year with the single 'All We Can Be', and ever since we've been eager to hear more. So it was with great delight and anticipation when we pressed play on their shiny record that recently dropped through the letterbox.

Fortunately the long wait is soon forgotten as opening track 'Occupation' kicks in, with some dark atmospheric guitars and mind focusing drums, and we are swiftly reminded of our fondness for Mathew Potters swirling vocals which are equally moody and content. 'Autocue' carries on in a similar vain; expansive guitars, commanding drums, with the finale to the track being really vamped up leaving you feeling a bit claustrophobic but strangely happily so.

It is with the third track 'Digitalis' that the strides this band have made since that first single can be seen. Opening with a brash guitar, the tempo is slow and assured, building gently before Potters' vocals are introduced. As the track develops you are unavoidably sucked in, with your mind taken over by the ever increasing intensity and sheer power this group can produce.

The EP closes with 'Reality', a track which takes a slightly different tack for the band, albeit maintaining those filthy guitars, with the tempo increased a notch. It's an interesting insight into how the band could expand within a full length release, as well as demonstrating the potential to mix things up with their live shows.

This debut self titled EP from Trim The Barber is really something quite special, combining a sort of melodic shoegaze feel with ragged punk like guitars, whilst all the while lyrics deal with an altogether ill feeling towards the current state of social affairs within the UK and beyond. It's essential listening for those who require their music a little darker and can appreciate ideas that sometimes take you out of your comfort zone.

You can download the Trim The Barber EP for free all this week from the band's Bandcamp. // Trim The Barber