Ahead of Marika Hackman's debut record in the form of the mini album 'That Iron Taste', she recently unveiled an acoustic video for the track 'Bath is Black'. It is the first in a series of acoustic videos for each of the albums tracks.

The album, produced by Alt-J's Charlie Andrew, is set to be released through Dirty Hit on 25th February, with Marika supporting the release with some gigs with Ethan Johns, as well as her own headline tour in March.

'Bath Is Black' is wonderfully refreshing in what can sometimes be a stale folk genre. Starting with some delightful guitar finger picking, its Marika's vocals and poignant lyrics which really stand out here. Her voice has a delicate yet somehow knowing quality which belies her tender years, and you can't help but get drawn into her spell of weaving guitar and floating vocals with the song even changing tempo mid track almost seamlessly. The video itself is shot in an old tunnel somewhere in the North of England, and although simple fits the nature of the track really well.

There are darker undertones throughout this song, a trait which you can't help feel will be repeated on the forthcoming album. That thought not only builds intrigue ahead of the albums release but also further enhances the reputation of someone who is rather quickly building a steadfast fan-base and critical opinion.  Marika Hackman // Dirty Hit