EXCLUSIVE: ALCOPOP! Cat in a Hat 2013 Compilation #30

Alcopop! have been one of the most featured labels during the past 6 years of Music Liberation, so it was with much delight that the Oxford based record label recently got in touch about a unique mini compilation they had made for us (as well as one for each of the 49 other blogs that took part in the 'Blog Sound Of 2013'). 

The compilation showcases a brand new track from Stagecoach titled 'Threequel', who we picked up on back in 2009. Alongside the awesome music, there's also a picture of a cat (yeah, a cat, not a dog...), which each of the other blogs comps also featuring a different cat. That's nice right! So without further ado, here's Alcopop! compilation number 30, thanks guys! // Alcopop!