Every so often I become fairly disillusioned with the acoustic singer songwriter genre. Personally I like my acoustic music to be just that, acoustic. Stripped back, mainly letting the guitar, vocals, and lyrics do their thing. Unfortunately there seems to be an increasingly common approach for acoustic artists to quickly shun their rawer roots in favour of a bigger, more in your face production that leans more to pop music than it does acoustic. (Gabrielle Aplin is an example - for me her early work far outshines the debut record which the masses have so far gobbled up this year but left me fairly disappointed).

Which today leads us to Gina Cimmelli, a Brookyln based singer songwriter who oozes talent, confindence, and a clear appreication of how powerful her gentle, yet alluring music can be. 'Clementine' is the first of three tracks which will make up her latest EP which is due to be released this Summer.

The track has a beautiful arrangement throughout, with Cimmelli's vocals a clear standout - her voice is tantalizingly fragile yet assured, and overall the track has lovely warm feeling. Imagine a slowed down Best Coast crossed with First Aid it and The Staves and you're getting somewhere close. Keep your ears out for the next single 'Like I Did', which we can tell you is equally fantastic!


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