Los Porcos is the new summery nu-disco indie infused musical incarnation of former indie rock music makers Wu Lyf, who, always evasive of press attention, saw a massive transformation following frontman Ellery James Roberts’ surprise departure at the end of 2012. Now similarly elusive 7-piece Los Porcos are set to release their double A-side “Sunshine/C.F.W.” this September 15 on Caledonia Records.

With its indie dance beats and 70s guitar jangles, chunky wah wah guitar riffs and light-up dance-floor funk flashbacks: opening track “Sunshine” is a feel-good pop-rocked tune with a catchy chorus of rippling vocals and a heavy sprinkling of classic disco. Meanwhile on the flipside ‘C.F.W.’ (Classically Feminine Woman) with similarly vintage disco funk infused feel, is a smooth, laid back dance pop track underpinned by sunny beats, tastefully vocoded vocals and jangling upbeat funk guitar.

Dancing in the sunshine, Los Porcos mixes up everything that’s good about its members’ musical make up. Despite Soundcloud declaring they come from “New Pork City” the line-up is actually made of seven London and Manchester natives and members of Profundo and FAMY as well as the now defunct Wu Lyf, each bringing their own sound to the fore. Los Porcos’ seamlessly combines the cloudy dream popped melodies of FAMY with the weighty psych-rock riffs of Wu Lyf but with a completely fresh nu-disco funk twist. A band to watch: rely on these guys to keep your Summer going smooth, well into the autumn.

The tracks will be released via Limited Edition 12" and digitally on 15th September through Caledonia Records / Los Porcos