We recently caught up with Coquin Migale, one of the artists we nominated for this years Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, for a quick chat to find out more about them and to see how they feel about making the 2016 longlist.

ML: Congratulations on making it onto the longlist for this years Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, how does it feel to make the list?

COQUIN MIGALE: We're genuinely buzzing about it. It feels ridiculous. We couldn't really believe it, you guys snook up on us! Thank you.

ML: We saw Huw Stephens made you tip of the week, seems like you're having the best week ever?

COQUIN MIGALE: Pretty ridiculous isn't it, this week has been absolutely off it. You could probably say, yeah, we are having the best week ever as a band. It's really great to see Huw & lots of other industry folk behind us, giving us the platforms we need. Huw's actually made us his discovery of the week TWICE now as he had us up there for our debut single 'GOLD', appy days.

ML: Have you been to Glastonbury before, and what would it mean to you to play there?

COQUIN MIGALE: I can't believe that between the four of us, not a single one of us has been. We're probably gonna get some right grief for that.
ML: What made you decide to enter this years ETC? Have you entered before?

COQUIN MIGALE: We've never entered ETC before however we're extremely glad we did this year. Fortunately, we have management that likes to keep us nicely organised, occasionally anyway. 

ML: Lets say you make it to the main stage at Glastonbury, what's the three things you have on your tour rider?

COQUIN MIGALE: Rum, good coffee & plenty of delicious treats.

ML: For those who don't know you, how would you describe your sound/style, and what are you influences?

COQUIN MIGALE: We're a loud, guitar driven, energetic alternative rock band, although I've dithered over this question a bit in the past because you can sometimes get rather caught up in what you THINK you sound like, so I'm gonna let the listeners decide; NME said "Gale force guitars and soaring vocals" Itsallindie said "Mysterious yet gripping" 

Our influences are incredibly varied between the four of us, we all have our own favoured preferences, however all share the same passion for the sound we're currently creating which is helpful.  

ML: What does 2016 have in store for Coquin Migale?

COQUIN MIGALE: Our 2016 range consists of; singles, tour, EP & merchandise. 

ML: Where can we find out more about you?