A few weeks ago we made Vodun's 'Possession' our Album Of The Week. We enjoyed the combination of soulful vocals with heavy drums and guitar, and luckily enough we were able to catch them recently at their sold out album launch night at The Lexington. Supports on the night came from Casual Nun, and Limb, with the latter particularly impressing us in what was the first gig we had managed to catch them at.

At this point we should mention the promoter for this show - Chaos Theory - an exciting independent promotion collective who have been putting on London shows since 2010, and are headed up by Kunal Singhal. It was a pleasure to be at a gig whereby everything flowed effortlessly, minimal time between bands, and even some on stage introductions from Kunal himself. It gave the evening a cooperative feeling between the whole room, from promoter, to the bands, and with the crowd, leaving a feeling of togetherness and a vindication for coming out on school night. Hands patted on backs everyone!

Image courtesy of Riff Rock Records
So to the evenings main event, London 3-piece Vodun. With the venue brimming and space a premium, the band appear on stage wearing some delightfully colourful attire and after a short vocal intro they launch into 'Loa's Kingdom' which happens to be the opening track from their aforementioned debut album. The band have a strong stage presence, with vocalist Oya commanding proceedings, backed up by some heavy riffs from Marassa and precise drums from Ogoun.

Their set has clearly been well worked out, with everything sounding tight and movement between tracks fluid, and they even have space for backing singers and a saxaphone player to appear at one point, and Ogoun sets her drums on fire. (Yes really!)

In total 10 tracks make up their set which finishes with 'Mawu', one of the lead tracks from Possession. We would highly recommend an evening with Vodun, and if their recent appearances in a well known magazine continue it won't be long before they're playing lots more shows! For a taster check out the video below, another gift from those lovelies at Chaos Theory.