Band Review : Me Against Them

When in London a few weeks ago, I decided to buy an album based on no reason other than I liked the name of the band and thought the album cover looked quite cool. It also helped that it only cost £2. To my enjoyment, upon listening to the record I found out that it is actually really good, and has turned out to be a great find!
The record is the self titled debut album from a band called "Me Against Them".
Unfortunatley it appears after doing some research that the band are either no longer together, or are on some sort of hiatus. I've concluded this because 1) There official website doesn't exist anymore. 2) The record label website doesn't exist and 3) their myspace havent been updated for a couple of years. But this takes nothing away from how good I think their debut album is.

Me Against Them formed in 2001 and come from London. The members are Marty on Vocals/Guitar, Arthur on Guitar/Vocals, Mathew on Bass/Vocals, Sonny on Drums, and Steve on Keys. They are a fusion of alternative Rock and Punk, mixing distorted guitars and powerful drums, with angst filled, but tuneful vocals. They released an E.P entitled "Do The Splits" which came out in 2002 on Shifty Disco records.

The debut self titled full length album was released in 2004 on Hot Teeth Records. It received much recognition, getting airplay from Radio 1 DJ's Mark and Lard, aswell as getting played on XFM. The band also recorded a couple of sessions for John Peel.

And thats where it seemingly ends for this band...

If anyone knows anymore then let me know! Also leave me a comment with your opinion on the band.

Checkout the bands Myspace.

MP3: Me Against Them - White Pants

MP3: Me Against Them - Soul Destroyer

MP3: Me Against Them - Too Beautiful To Be Trusted