New Wave Of Music #4

Hey! So i'm back after a nice refreshing break. Got lots of new music to waffle about. As usual hope you enjoy the tracks!

MP3: Akala - Where I'm From
Category: Hip Hop/Beats
Info: From album "Freedom Lasso" (2007)
Label: Illastate
Comment: This guy has serious talent! Also check out "Bit by Bit". Keep an eye on Akala, he will be huge!

MP3: Malakai - The Battle
Category: Beats/Indie/Experimental
Info: Taken from the recently released E.P, simply titled EP1
Label: Island
Comment: Bristol based duo, who make cool sounding beats and samples.

MP3: Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino
Category: Rock/Punk
Info: Released as a single this week (22/10/2007)
Label: Polydor
Comment: Awesome track, first single off the new album "Chase This Light" (2007)

MP3: Dave Gahan - Kingdom (Digitalism Remix)
Category: House/Dance/Alternative
Info: Find on the original "Kingdom" release
Label: Mute
Comment: Cool original track, but with the Digitalism input its a dance floor killer.

MP3: The Cribs - Our Bovine Public
Category: Indie/Punk/Pop
Info: Find on the album "Mens Needs Womens Needs Whatever" (2007)
Label: V2
Comment: The Cribs, much like The Wombats, make music you can dance and be happy to.

MP3: Milburn - What Will You Do (When The Money Goes)
Category: Indie/Rock
Info: From album "These Are The Facts" (2007)
Label: Mercury
Comment: Milburn are very talented, & for me better than that other Sheffield band


  1. Oh My Go9d the Akakla track is awesome, his whole album is just amazing. - You know he's Miss Dynamite-eee-eee's little brother?

  2. Oh really? No i didnt know that. It is wicked, gotta get my hands on the album.


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