New Wave Of Music #1

Yo Yo Yo. Here comes the next installment of the latest tunes i've been enjoying of late.

Category: Rock/Alternative
Info: Released as a single on the 15/10/2007
Label: Warners
Comment: Serj from S.O.A.D sounding like S.O.A.D. Not that its a bad thing though!
Category: Electro/House
Info: New album currently being produced
Label: Unsigned
Comment: Wicked remix of Blur's classic, would cause mayhem on the dancefloor!

Category: Indie/Electronica
Info: Released as a limited 12" in September 2007
Label: EMI
Comment: New album due for release in Feb 2008

Category: Indie/Rock
Info: From the album "Fort Nightly" (2007)
Label: Say Hay Records
Comment: Watch this band, they will be huge!

Category: Metal
Info: From the album "A New Shade Of Black For The Soul" (2007)
Label: Mausoleum
Comment: Brutal track from an up and coming young British band

Category: Indie/Chill
Info: From the album "Carnavas" (2007)
Label: Warners
Comment: European tour throughout October


  1. LOL somebody has well been reading missingtoof - fucking hell though i am actually in love with that song 2 cover it's actually my favourite bit of music ever at the moment.

    Oh and I have an interesting fact - the man in that Trash Yourself band is the same guy who did all the soundtrack to The Matrix.

  2. Serj Tankian is a genius. Love the blog.
    Wanna swap links?


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