New Wave Of Music #5

Yo. Here's the next collection of tracks i've been enjoying lately.

Category: Indie/Alternative/Pop
Info: Released as a single last week.
Label: Wichita
Comment: Young welsh band who make great records you can pogo along to!

MP3: Future Of The Left - The Lord Hates A Coward
Category: Alternative/Rock
Info: Taken from the album "Curses" (2007).
Label: Too Pure
Comment: Another exciting young welsh band
. These guys make some mean rocking tunes.

MP3: Goose - Black Gloves (Ft. Marcus Graap)
Category: Electronica/Indie
Info: Taken from album "Bring It On" (2007).
Label: Skint
Comment: Wicked track from Belgium's finest. This version is available on the bonus 2nd Cd of the album.

MP3: Soko - I'll Kill Her
Category: Folk/Acoustic/Pop
Info: Taken from the E.P "Soko Not Sokute" (2007).
Label: Believe Digital
Comment: Young French singer with a funny song about love and jealousy.

MP3: Outl4w - No More Survivors
Category: Punk
Info: Taken from the E.P "I Can't Relate" (2007).
Label: Currently unsigned.
Comment: This track is awesome!!! Can't believe the average age of this band is just 15! Exciting, looking forward to a full release.

MP3: Chris Naish - Take This Train
Category: Acoustic
Info: Released as a single last week.
Label: Currently unsigned.
Comment: If Chris Naish continues making tunes like this then he could go far.