Away Days

Hey, I'm going away for a few days so there won't be any updates for a little while. But dont despair, im leaving you with some nice treats!

First up you should check out Podcast number 1 and number 2 from the awesome music blog, The Cold Cut. Will from the blog has been delving into the world of podcasting with excellent results and you should definatley have a listen!

Now for some wicked tracks i've been into lately...

MP3: Evil Nine - Earth {Awesome beat, really chilled Hip Hop}

And finally check out this video that arrived on the 1st of April (Thats no joke) about The Streets making a movie of their album "A Grand Don't Come For Free" (That might be a joke). Whether its true or not, and im probably thinking not, it got me thinking that it would be good to hear some new Streets material soon.

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