Gig Review - Aiden (at Cardiff University)

My progress into the world of music journalism has improved within the last few days, as I can now officially say that I am writer for the online music reviewing website, Sonic Dice.

My first article for the site was a review of the recent Aiden gig that I attended in Cardiff a few days ago.

Click HERE to check the review out!

In the coming weeks I hope to be writing articles on the Future Of The Left gig that i went to last night, aswell as reviewing a cd that the Sonic Dice team sent me by a band called Satellite State.

Not that this new found platform means i'll be negleting Music Liberation headquarters, i've got lots planned for here too!

So keep tuned!


  1. Oh no Sid, Aiden? Really? I suddenly lost all respect for you, so it's just as well you went to see Future of the Left to make up for it! Congrats on the website job.

  2. I have to say I was more into Aiden a few years ago, when I was purely a metalhead type, and their material was stronger. I guess on both counts things have matured, both my tastes in music, and their sound. One good, one not so good.

    F.O.T.L were awesome btw.



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