Stars And Sons - The Goat Show EP

I recently received an E.P titled "The Goat Show", from the masked up band you see before you, Stars And Sons. There's a generous seven tracks on offer from this E.P, and surprisingly there's not a dud to be found. This is definitely one of the most exciting and polished cd's I have been sent not only this year, but since the existence of this blog.

The band blend infectious pop sensibilities and melodies, with gorgeous sweeping guitars, piano, harmonies, drums, and everything else that's going on. The music sounds really tight with everything seeming to hit the right note. There's a lot of diversity within these seven tracks, with the band experimenting with different styles and ideas. This is something which is really refreshing, particularly with the current stagnant manufactured pop scene that any commercial radio station will subject you to.

Stars And Sons offer another way to think about and listen to pop music.

Check out the bands myspace and also check out a couple of songs below.