Album Review : Fabric 45: Omar-S - Detroit

As many fans of electronic music will know, Fabric is a name which has become also synonymous with the current main players in the dance world since the club in London first opened some 10 years ago. As well as having one of the largest clubs in the UK, Fabric has also been regularly putting out releases of the people who play out the club. Next month will see the release of Fabric 45: Omar-S - Detroit.

Detroit based Omar-S is something of a one off. He is little known in his hometown despite having a worldwide fan base, and has achieved such success through little help from social networking sites, unlike many of his piers. The reason he has broken through is simple, he has pure talent.

His mix for Fabric shows off his ability to create solid house tunes which are simple and complex but always sounding huge. The tracks have a way of being incredibly chilled out yet still make you want to throw some shapes on that dance floor such as "The Maker". It's testament to how much passion and commitment Omar-S has for the music he is making, that the entire mix is made up of his own material. You might think that would make the mix repetitive but it doesn't, he finds a way to effortlessly transform between songs and before you know it its all over. Before you press play again.

You can catch Omar-S at Fabric on 21st March for Craig Richard's The Nothing Special alongside 2562. For more information on the gig and the release, check out the Fabric website.

As if to show his musical diversity check out this awesome Hip Hop beat from Omar-S. MP3: OMAR-S - TURN AND WALK AWAY


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this guy. Sounds fan-dabby-doozy

  2. I think its pretentious to do a fabric mix of all your own tunes, especially when your cop out excuse is "I'm not feeling any of the music out the last year". Give me a break.

  3. Hi!

    I received my copy over the mail and I must say... The tunes are amazing and the mix is astonishing... it really takes me on a sort of a Kevorkian trip..... it's so melodic and so... well.. interesting.

    As for Brain Bulgarelli's comment.. You can say that up to a certain extent, I think. Omar S can definitely say it. His fabric cd as such a degree of honesty.. as his tunes do.. they're good, because they're honest. And geeze!! if someone has talent, this dude is definitely on the top 10 list.


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