New Music : Casio Kids / The Maccabees / Spinnerette / Wintersleep / Madcon / The Sunshine Underground

(This was posted once and taken down, so here's the tracks and spiel but no mp3's...)

Here's a quick fire roundup with lots of awesome new music for you to digest, as always it would be great to hear your thoughts!

Casio Kids - Fot I Hose
This is an absolute tune, I love the beat and bass, it's so danceable but rocking too!! I can just imagine this track totally setting off in a club or even a festival in the Summer. Huge!

The Maccabees - No Kind Words
>The return of The Maccabees signals a change in direction for the band, away from their previous lighter material, this track is moody and dark. Love the guitars and up tempo drums.

Spinnerette - Ghetto Love
Brody Dalle, previously with The Distillers, returns in fine form with her new band Spinnerette.

Wintersleep - Oblivion
Modern day rock at its finest? Wicked drumming, swirling keyboards, angular guitars, and melodic but powerful vocals. It's all there folks, worldwide domination? Maybe. Nice.

Madcon - Liar
Norweigan Hip Hop? Hell yeah!! Madcon share that familar Gnarls Barkley sound but put their own twist on it. Impressive stuff definatley worth a listen.

The Sunshine Underground/FC Kahuna - From The City To The Sea
This is an interesting collaberation resulting in a chilled out progressive track which is hard to ignore, which is good because it's wicked. The Sunshine Underground will return with a new album soon.


  1. I'm liking the Wintersleep track it's certainly going on my playlist this months.



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