Single Review : Deathray Trebuchay - Number Six

Deathray Trebuchay are six like minded individuals from South London, who are set to unleash their style of gypsy folk punk onto a wider scale this year. They already have slots lined up on some major festivals such as Bestival and Latitude, and are backing that up with the release of their debut single "Number Six" on 23rd March.

Number Six is a mixed tempo affair, possibly giving the band time to recover when playing it live, such is the ferosity in places. There's lots going on in the song, but the sound is pretty much dominated by the trumpet, so if thats not your bag then your going to struggle to get on with this band. It may be somewhat lazy but it's also impossible to ignore the feeling that your listening to a tribute band for Gogol Bordello, were it not for the missing vocals of Eugene Hutz.

Deathray Trebuchay must be applauded for trying something different with their style, however I feel that they'll only be able to target a niche audience with their music, and as such their longevity may suffer. However they are a fun band who will get you off your feet and jumping, so i'd check them out if you have a chance at a festival this Summer.