New Music : Hockey / Union Of Knives / King Of Conspiracy / Scripts 'N Screwz

Here's some exciting new music i've discovered lately. What do you think?

First up from Portland, Oregon come Hockey. This foursome has made quite an impression in a pretty short time, and as such have received a fair amount of support and attention from the big wigs. They have been described as "purveyors of disco/funk" and i'd pretty much go along with that. Their songs do invoke a certain feeling in me to break out into full blown body movement, not something that is seen often or indeed should be. What brings about this feeling is the superb combination of bass and drums. For me it is frontman Ben Grubin who takes the band to another level, with an impressive vocal range and the ability to inject copius amounts of energy into their music. Hockey's debut album "Mind Chaos" is set to be released via Virgin Records in June, and the band will be on tour in the UK at the end of February. Myspace / MP3: Hockey - 3am Spanish

One of the most refreshing pieces of new music i've discovered so far this year is the debut single from King Of Conspiracy. "Youth Against The Empire" is a full throttle three minutes of throat destroying vocals, pummelling drums, and those all so lovely but not angular and off kilter guitars. It's a track that makes you want to jump up, throw your fists in the air, and shout at the top of your voice. If you need anymore convincing that these dudes could be huge, they've been likened to McClusky, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, and At The Drive-In. The single will be released on 2nd March through the excellent guys at CatCutter Records. Myspace / MP3: King Of Conspiracy - Youth Against The Empire

Union Of Knives are a Scottish indie/electro crossover band who reside in Glasgow. They return in 2009 with some new material after a few years since they released their debut album "Violence & Birdsong". The track "We Are All Doing Drugs" is a chaotic affair, blending some lo-fi vocals with some chugging guitars and drums. It's a catchy track which is hard to ignore, once you hear it it'll get stuck in your brain player for the rest of the day. The band are currently working on a new album with Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails which will certainly give the band a darker edge. Myspace / MP3: Union Of Knives - We Are All Doing Drugs

Finally we have some brand new Hip Hop from a duo called Scripts 'N Screwz. Based out of St Louis, Illnois, these two have been making beats and tunes since being at school together over 10 years ago. The difference between these guys according to Scripts is that they "just want to bring rap back to when lyrics were the most important element", and who I am to disagree with that especially after listening to their most recent album, the brilliant "The New Noise". You get the impression that Scripts 'N Screwz would make music even if they didn't get paid, it really is all about the music for them, they are real, unlike the vast majority of their counterparts in a saturated US Hip Hop scene. Myspace / MP3: Scripts 'N Screwz - Big City Lights