New Music : Hostage / Trash Yourself / Avian X / Dead Confederate

So it's May already, how we feeling? Things have been a little quiet for Music Liberation so far this year, but we've recently got a couple of new faces on board so hopefully we'll be heavily involved this Summer. In the meantime hunt down these awesome new cuts!

Hostage - Massive
It's cliche but this track really is MASSIVE! Big sweeping bassline with an assortment of hand claps and the repeating line of "massive, massive, massive" is sure to get everyone raving this Summer. Big thanks to for hitting us up with some Hostage action.

Trash Yourself and The Toxic Avenger - Die
We've been big followers of Trash Yourself since we first heard their cover of Blur's Song 2 back in 2007. Once again they are collaberating with The Toxic Avenger as they present us with "Die". It's a typically mashed up electro affair but in a seemingly co-ordinated way, that said it still rips your head off.

Avian X - Dark Circles
Previously from St. Petersburg, Russia but now working out of New York City comes Natalia Ivachkevitch aka Avian X. The beginning of this track instantly reminds me of Tekken Tag Tournament for the weird vocal. From here the track demonstrates the interesting darker edge that Pop music can take.

Dead Confederate - Start Me Laughing
Despite a heavy dosing of electronic music with this post, i'd like to say i haven't forgotten my roots. Rock. Dead Confederate are rock through and through if the sounds of this track are anything to go by. It's unforgiving on the eardrums and full of attitude from start to finish.