New Music : Wolfmother / Hitchcock / Twiggy Frostbite

This Australian group are seemingly one of those love them or loathe bands, particuarly taking note of the press coverage their self titled debut album got. Rock purists insist Wolfmother are merely imitating legends such as Zeppelin and Sabbath with no creative input of their own, where as i personally think they are building upon the platform those bands created. Either way the band returns this year with album number two, and this is the first offering "Black Round". Love to know what you think! (In support of this track please donate to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal) Wolfmother

Hitchcock are a brand new electronic rock crossover band who are fronted by Matt 'Droog' Terry, who has produced bands such as The Enemy and Boy Kill Boy. Now he is stepping upto the mike himself to give rock and roll a go. "Blame" is a twirling track which nods as much to 80's pyscadelic pop to modern stylists such as Passion Pit. Lead single "Smack Boom" is released on 18th May which should generate a fair amount of attention for the group. Hitchcock

Those legends at Despotz Records have kindly given us the 2nd single from Swedish threesome Twiggy Frostbite, titled "Thrown In Two" taken from the groups debut album "Through Fire". The track demonstrates the effortless ability of the band to float you away with their bleak yet alluring pop music. It might not grab you straight away but trust me it's worth it when you get there. Twiggy Frostbite