Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Music : Morsy / Chris Joss / Black Lips / Hot Gossip / Howling Bells

Here's some new tunes for you. What do you reckon?

Bursting out of New York is Morsy, founder of the DJ collective Nana Chill, and all round explosive producer and DJ. His latest track "On Fire" is a beast of a dance tune, with a heavy bassline and beat that would pretty much set off most clubs when dropped. Check it out! Myspace

One of the most exciting slices of new music i've discovered this year is from Chris Joss. The Frenchman is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and studio producer, and this year see's the release of his fifth album "Sticks" through ESL Music. This track has a funky bassline and lots of different instruments going on, it's a musical orchard for your ears! Myspace

This week see's the release of the new Black Lips record "200 Million Thousand", with the first single being "Short Fuse". The track is pretty much as you'd expect, with that old school rock drumming, raucous vocals, and dirty guitar licks. The band are supporting the album with a full length US tour. Myspace

Italian Rock and Roll? Not something you hear too often, but is soon might be if enough people check out Milan's Hot Gossip. This three piece are full of healthy guitar riffs, and on this particular track really build up a wicked combination of drums and guitars. New album "You Look Faster When You Are Young" is out now. Myspace

Next week see's the release of album number two from Howling Bells. Titled "Radio Wars" its being put out by the excellent Independiente Records. First single "Into The Chaos" demonstrates the ability of the band to create music which sounds chaotic but yet perfectly planned. I'm also really impressed with the powerful yet soft vocals from Juanita Stein. Myspace

Monday, 23 February 2009

Music Liberation Drum And Bass Feb 09 Mini-Mix

Here's my first foray into mixing, a 10 minute-ish Drum and Bass mini-mix. Please check it out and let me know what you think! It's my first time so it's not brilliant but any constructive feedback would be gratefully received. Cheers!


High Contrast - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Subfocus - X-Ray
Mistabishi - Printer Jam
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix)
J Majick & Wickaman - Crazy World
Chase And Status - Is It Worth It?
Danny Bryd - Shock Out
Kid Cudi Vs Crookers - Day N Nite (TC Remix)
Fresh - Signal
Subfocus - Airplane

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New Music : Casio Kids / The Maccabees / Spinnerette / Wintersleep / Madcon / The Sunshine Underground

(This was posted once and taken down, so here's the tracks and spiel but no mp3's...)

Here's a quick fire roundup with lots of awesome new music for you to digest, as always it would be great to hear your thoughts!

Casio Kids - Fot I Hose
This is an absolute tune, I love the beat and bass, it's so danceable but rocking too!! I can just imagine this track totally setting off in a club or even a festival in the Summer. Huge!

The Maccabees - No Kind Words
>The return of The Maccabees signals a change in direction for the band, away from their previous lighter material, this track is moody and dark. Love the guitars and up tempo drums.

Spinnerette - Ghetto Love
Brody Dalle, previously with The Distillers, returns in fine form with her new band Spinnerette.

Wintersleep - Oblivion
Modern day rock at its finest? Wicked drumming, swirling keyboards, angular guitars, and melodic but powerful vocals. It's all there folks, worldwide domination? Maybe. Nice.

Madcon - Liar
Norweigan Hip Hop? Hell yeah!! Madcon share that familar Gnarls Barkley sound but put their own twist on it. Impressive stuff definatley worth a listen.

The Sunshine Underground/FC Kahuna - From The City To The Sea
This is an interesting collaberation resulting in a chilled out progressive track which is hard to ignore, which is good because it's wicked. The Sunshine Underground will return with a new album soon.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Single Review : Deathray Trebuchay - Number Six

Deathray Trebuchay are six like minded individuals from South London, who are set to unleash their style of gypsy folk punk onto a wider scale this year. They already have slots lined up on some major festivals such as Bestival and Latitude, and are backing that up with the release of their debut single "Number Six" on 23rd March.

Number Six is a mixed tempo affair, possibly giving the band time to recover when playing it live, such is the ferosity in places. There's lots going on in the song, but the sound is pretty much dominated by the trumpet, so if thats not your bag then your going to struggle to get on with this band. It may be somewhat lazy but it's also impossible to ignore the feeling that your listening to a tribute band for Gogol Bordello, were it not for the missing vocals of Eugene Hutz.

Deathray Trebuchay must be applauded for trying something different with their style, however I feel that they'll only be able to target a niche audience with their music, and as such their longevity may suffer. However they are a fun band who will get you off your feet and jumping, so i'd check them out if you have a chance at a festival this Summer.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Interview : The Muscle Club

Here is the first Music Liberation interview of 2009, with Ceri Jones and Mike Bateson-Hill from young Welsh band The Muscle Club.

Q1. Describe your music in three words?

Mike - "Laughing into the-abyss!"

Ceri - "That's four you numbskull, anyway, I'd say, "spiky art pop" or at least thats what someone else said about us, it just rolls off the tongue nice."

Q2. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

M - "Musically, Pixies, Pavement, Desaparecidos, The Cure, The Smiths, The Cribs, Weezer, Les Savy Fav et al."

C - Loads of stuff dude, everything you hear has some sort of influence, bands that made me want to be in a band however are Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory and loads of pop-punk in general! Haha. I think we all ended up together whilst liking a load of different stuff. Mike bases his entire shtick on being Spike Milligan and I love making tee shirts to sell at gigs. I do the designs and print them in my kitchen. As far as everything though, FACTORY was a huge movement that makes me wish I was born in Manchester, then left before manc pop of course but you know what I mean, it is a huge influence though and definately a model that, whilst not perfect, is something I'd like to try and follow."

Q3. What's on your agenda for the next 12 months? (Tours/Releases/etc..)

C - "The next 12 months will be as busy, or busier than the last, having formed just last January we crammed a lot in, so doing a tour seemed the right way to progress. We're re-releasing, kind of, HAIL JOE HALE, the 7" we did ourselves and then looking to do something again in April or May in the form of a brand new single."

Q4. What role do you think bloggers have in the current state of the music industry?

M - "Well i suppose they do have a positive influence in that they give people the chance who actually like music a space to air their music tastes. They are like a proverbial mouthpiece for music fans to share music to large groups of people, as opposed to just record company people just paying magazines to write about one of their bands. It's more democratic in that sense isn't it. On the other hand that's when blogs often have the power and its important for bloggers to write about stuff they like rather than just writing what everyone else on the blogosphere writes about in fear of not picking up "the hot new thing as it were." I mean i know i've found stuff i like on blogs but on the other hand it's important to find out about music by gigs. Ain't no substitue for gigs innit!."

C - "Picking up on what Mike says I think that Blogs are becoming a hugely integral part of the industry today, I mean, the majors now PAY PEOPLE to sit at their computer seeing what blogs are talking about, that's a pretty big milestone in handing power back to average joe if you ask me! It does worry me how little value music seems to have now though. I mean we gave our demo away free because we wanted people to hear us but to be able to click through a few links and get a bands new single or something is kind of self defeating, not only monetarily, we like to think we put a lot of effort into everything we release and want it to be reciprocated, a two way process.

Q5. Any new bands/artists you recommend checking out?

M - "A Local cardiff band called Picturebooks In Winter. They're got very good nice strings and stuff. Also a band from London called Wet Paint who sound like the best pavement tribute band ever (in a good way!)."

C - "There's so much dude, I dont even know where to start, I'm digging this super band called Fake Problems right now, their album is huge! Other than that, you can't really go further wrong than listening to Saturday Kids, a band I did some shirts for and they make the most scary sonic youth bothering noise you will ever hear!"

Q6. If you could tour with any two artists, past or present, who would they be and why?

M - "Talking Heads CIRCA the stop making sense dvd era so then we could all try on david byrne's big suite!."

C - "That is a tough question! I think it would have been awesome to be on the road alongside Nirvana, or any of those ace bands that were on the road around the early part of the 90's. I don't think there's been a real musical movement in our lifetime, I mean, I was only 8 or 9 when Nirvana ended but even Marks & Spencers had jeans with patches in them for kids, I should know, mine had teenage mutant HERO turtles on them!"

Q7. You have unlimited funds, what 3 things do you have on your tour rider?

C - "Rider is weird man, Buzzo from The Melvins asks for a tank of Nitrous Oxide, a suitable vehicle and a crash helmet. We're happy when we show up and get a couple of beers! Even better if they are cold!

M - "A big life size replica of the band made from ice!

C - "So, that and maybe a t-shirt, y'know the tourist-y kind, the naffest one in the gift shop!"

Q8. What's your perfect sandwich?

C - "I'm a huge fan of meatballs in sandwiches, with jalapeno's, green peppers and some tasty tomato sauce! There's a hint for riders actually!"

M - "Peanutbutter and cucumber. sounds nasty- is nice."

Q9. If The Muscle Club were an animal, what would you be?

M - "I don't know probably an amoeba of some kind. Or plankton perhaps."

Q10. How can we find out more about you?

C - "Well we pretty much stick to MySpace, as annoying as it is it's pretty rad for doing what you need it to! We've got a facebook but everyone gets bored of the messages after you attempt to tell them once so yeah... We just keep it to good ol' MySpace! Whilst we're on tour we'll be blogging, well one of the two english students will, so that means daily, inane nonsense -

Thanks very much to Ceri and Mike for answering our questions. You can catch The Muscle Club on tour during February and March.

MP3: The Muscle Club - Alright! Okay! You Win!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Album Review : Fabric 45: Omar-S - Detroit

As many fans of electronic music will know, Fabric is a name which has become also synonymous with the current main players in the dance world since the club in London first opened some 10 years ago. As well as having one of the largest clubs in the UK, Fabric has also been regularly putting out releases of the people who play out the club. Next month will see the release of Fabric 45: Omar-S - Detroit.

Detroit based Omar-S is something of a one off. He is little known in his hometown despite having a worldwide fan base, and has achieved such success through little help from social networking sites, unlike many of his piers. The reason he has broken through is simple, he has pure talent.

His mix for Fabric shows off his ability to create solid house tunes which are simple and complex but always sounding huge. The tracks have a way of being incredibly chilled out yet still make you want to throw some shapes on that dance floor such as "The Maker". It's testament to how much passion and commitment Omar-S has for the music he is making, that the entire mix is made up of his own material. You might think that would make the mix repetitive but it doesn't, he finds a way to effortlessly transform between songs and before you know it its all over. Before you press play again.

You can catch Omar-S at Fabric on 21st March for Craig Richard's The Nothing Special alongside 2562. For more information on the gig and the release, check out the Fabric website.

As if to show his musical diversity check out this awesome Hip Hop beat from Omar-S. MP3: OMAR-S - TURN AND WALK AWAY

Friday, 6 February 2009

Mistabishi - Printer Jam

One of the most inventive and exciting new bits of music i've discovered recently is "Printer Jam" from Mistabishi. This dude has made a storming track, part breakbeat, part drum and bass, made up almost entirely of the sound of a printer. Sounds mental? Well it is! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Mistabishi's debut album "Drop" is due to be released on the 23rd February through Hospital Records.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

New Music : Hockey / Union Of Knives / King Of Conspiracy / Scripts 'N Screwz

Here's some exciting new music i've discovered lately. What do you think?

First up from Portland, Oregon come Hockey. This foursome has made quite an impression in a pretty short time, and as such have received a fair amount of support and attention from the big wigs. They have been described as "purveyors of disco/funk" and i'd pretty much go along with that. Their songs do invoke a certain feeling in me to break out into full blown body movement, not something that is seen often or indeed should be. What brings about this feeling is the superb combination of bass and drums. For me it is frontman Ben Grubin who takes the band to another level, with an impressive vocal range and the ability to inject copius amounts of energy into their music. Hockey's debut album "Mind Chaos" is set to be released via Virgin Records in June, and the band will be on tour in the UK at the end of February. Myspace / MP3: Hockey - 3am Spanish

One of the most refreshing pieces of new music i've discovered so far this year is the debut single from King Of Conspiracy. "Youth Against The Empire" is a full throttle three minutes of throat destroying vocals, pummelling drums, and those all so lovely but not angular and off kilter guitars. It's a track that makes you want to jump up, throw your fists in the air, and shout at the top of your voice. If you need anymore convincing that these dudes could be huge, they've been likened to McClusky, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, and At The Drive-In. The single will be released on 2nd March through the excellent guys at CatCutter Records. Myspace / MP3: King Of Conspiracy - Youth Against The Empire

Union Of Knives are a Scottish indie/electro crossover band who reside in Glasgow. They return in 2009 with some new material after a few years since they released their debut album "Violence & Birdsong". The track "We Are All Doing Drugs" is a chaotic affair, blending some lo-fi vocals with some chugging guitars and drums. It's a catchy track which is hard to ignore, once you hear it it'll get stuck in your brain player for the rest of the day. The band are currently working on a new album with Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails which will certainly give the band a darker edge. Myspace / MP3: Union Of Knives - We Are All Doing Drugs

Finally we have some brand new Hip Hop from a duo called Scripts 'N Screwz. Based out of St Louis, Illnois, these two have been making beats and tunes since being at school together over 10 years ago. The difference between these guys according to Scripts is that they "just want to bring rap back to when lyrics were the most important element", and who I am to disagree with that especially after listening to their most recent album, the brilliant "The New Noise". You get the impression that Scripts 'N Screwz would make music even if they didn't get paid, it really is all about the music for them, they are real, unlike the vast majority of their counterparts in a saturated US Hip Hop scene. Myspace / MP3: Scripts 'N Screwz - Big City Lights