New Music : Rosa Valle / Therapist / Smother Party

Rosa Valle

Uncompromising math rock four-piece from Middlesborough, Rosa Valle recently released their debut EP titled 'Holy Bermuda', through a split between Holy Roar Records and Big Scary Monsters. Sounding like a cross between Rolo Tomassi at their heaviest, Foals at their gentlest, and The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg at their craziest, this EP demonstrates a band with a clear belief in their ideas and a band who possess an inherent desire to express themselves in whatever way they see fit. I'm expecting big things from these chaps when it comes to the recording of their debut LP. *Recommended track - 'Mathemagician'.*

Mathemagician by Rosa Valle

Bursting out of Phoenix CA come Therapist, a bouncy electro punk act who first came to our attention with the track 'I Know What I Want'. Released through Indian Gold Records, that song was very much reminiscent of the likes of  Teenagersintokyo, Chaingang, and Operator Please, with the stop start jerky combo of the vocals and the bands stripped back electro punk working to great effect. This week the band releases their debut EP, titled 'Hearts Beats', featuring more of the same bass heavy electro punk vibes. 

Therapist - I Know What I Want by diganant

Smother Party

Based out of Brooklyn, Smother Party are a groove laden instrumental rock three-piece who earlier this year released their debut album, 'Casa Limon'. Whilst being a challenging album it will reward those who stick with it, as repeated plays open up a whole new world of what can be acheived with two guitars and a drum kit. In parts bewildering, in parts brilliant, 'Casa Limon' showcases a band with abstract ideas above the 'normal' rockers station. Particularly of note is the sound of the guitars on this album, which almost sound out of tune at times but are still somehow hugely rhythmic and head nod-able, like 'Serious Beef'.

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Smother Party - Ghost Games by variant_records