Single Review : Francis Neve - Dance Around The Fire

We picked up on Francis Neve earlier this year with his spell bounding video and track 'I Won't Make You Feel Better' which came out through his own label FRR Records. Well now he is back with a new single and EP, released again through his own label on December 5th. The single 'Dance Around The Fire' is joined by the track 'I Lie', and two remixes of his older song 'Brian's Drying Up' by Bangatang and DJ Ruckspin.

Dance Around The Fire brings about somewhat of a change in style for Francis, with an increased tempo, and an all round general feel good factor. It's a song that will help bring a sense of positivity amid these cold and ever darkening November nights. Neve himself confesses "I’ve got a lot more positive energy at the moment and it’s coming through in my music...the song is trying to focus on the good things in life and how we treat each other rather than the bad that we always hear about in the news. Its hopeful".

There's a video too, (Ed: surprising that...) and in what is becoming an almost customary Francis Neve style it's quite bewildering and beautifully shot. For you fact fans it was directed and shot by Brad Verlander and Hayley Graves.

The single and EP are released 5th December through FRR Records. // Francis Neve

Dance Around The Fire by Emms_Publicity