'In The Seams' is the 2nd album from Saint Saviour, aka Becky Jones, a talented singer-songwriter from Teeside. Having been in the RGB's and Groove Armada, Saint Saviour went solo in 2010, and has since released two EP's - 'Anatomy' and 'Suukei', with her debut record 'Union' coming out in 2012.

The new album was produced by Bill Ryder Jones (The Coral) and recorded at Parr Street Studios with the Manchester Camerata.

It is a beautiful body of work, taking the listener on a personal journey they can equally relate to, observe, and learn from. The record is led by Saint Saviour's delicate vocals, which are the main focus in a sparse and honest musical landscape under which are gentle guitars, piano, and gorgeous string sections.

The brave fragility of 'In The Seams' is it's true quality, drawing your mind and heart to singular thoughts, and ultimately it's success is capturing your attention from start to finish without you even realising.