Craig Duranti's Top Ten

A Space For Music Liberation's special guest writer, Mr Craig Duranti, has sent in his top ten tracks of 2007. You can catch Craig spinning some of these tunes by checking out his gig dates by going to his myspace.

On a side note, the Winner of the People's Choice as artist of 2007 (as voted for by you the reading public) is Enter Shikari. Out of a massive 9 votes lol, E.S got a winning number of just 2. Others mentioned were Justice, Devildriver, Interpol, Jimmy Eat World, Gui Boratto, The Hives, and We Are Wolves.

8. Hadouken! - Liquid Lives (MYSPACE)


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  2. Geezer you are a legend, great tracklist and that J Majik track... Been trying to find that for ages! Its the nutz!


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