New Wave Of Music #10

Hey! Right this is the first proper post of 2008, enough of the lists. And what a post it is, if I do say so myself! I seem to have an abundance of really exciting new music being directed towards my ears so far this year. Which means this post is jam packed of wicked tunes! So lets get into it, let me know what you think of the bands, your thoughts are always welcomed!

MP3: CHAINGANG - Get Off My Stage
Spiel: This is the first song from this brand new band from Australia. And its VERY good! Similar to Blood Red Shoes, theres a constant thumping beat, big guitars, and awesome vocals, which come from Hayley of Pinky Tuscadero. More

MP3: Hot Pink Delorean - Played Out (Feat. Fantastadon)
Spiel: Apart from having a wicked name, this trio from Boston in America, also make some damn fine house music. This track has a big beat and a cleverly worked vocal, creating a very danceable track. More

MP3: Girls Can't Dance - Plastic People
Spiel: This is an exciting young band from Leeds. Playing a mix of energetic beats, crunchy guitars, and melodic vocals, this four piece have destroyed the students of Leeds, & are now after you! More

MP3: Kid Acne - Sliding Doors
Spiel: Ok this isn't quite as fresh as the other tracks, but i've only just got my hands on it. Clearly influenced by the Beastie Boys, Kid Acne puts his Sheffield accent and humour to wicked beats, creating highly addictive tunes. More

MP3: The Futureheads - Crash
Spiel: This was a track that the band made available during christmas, and its really good! Not sure if it'll be on the new album, but if this track is anything to go by then the third LP from the Sunderland lads should be awesome! More

MP3: Fortyfives - Control
Spiel: Just to show im not against the southerners, heres a cool young band from Berkshire. Fortyfives play a fine blend of melodic post punk electro, which captures the sound of now. I expect big things from them this year. More