New Wave Of Music #11

There is a whole truck load of awesome music around at the moment, there aren't enough hours in the day! I've also been receiving some excellent bits and pieces through my inbox recently, so i'll be soon starting a weekly inbox post, so keep it coming!

I was quickly bored of the original track when it came out last year. But this Drum and Bass remix really ticks all the boxes, and the guys from Chase And Status have turned it into a really wicked track. Hadouken! / Chase And Status

Check out the beat on this track, ouch! Many will reference M.I.A and rightly so, and thats not a bad thing. Santogold aka Santi White is very talented, and will be huge this year. Santogold

Anybody who samples a Slayer song in their music must be applauded. This is the geezer from Damn Arms, who has created a nice fusion of metal and house music. G.L.O.V.E.S

This band are stuck in the 1970's by the sound of it, I reckon we keep them there! Theres a big awesome riff and crazy drumming, and solo's, and everything! Album "In The Future" is out now. Black Mountain

Released late last year, this debut single from Ebony Bones is full of ideas and has an awesome dark heavy beat. One to watch this year me thinks. Ebony Bones

New album out this year from a band with an impressive back catalogue, and if this track is anything to go by it should be excellent. Supergrass


  1. This version of 'Leap Of Faith' by Hadouken is great! But the download link has sad, so sad... any chance of a repost?

  2. if you send me your email address i'll send the song to you.



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