Sabrosa Purr - To The Crickets And The Ghosts

Hey, here's the first album review of the year. It comes from a band called Sabrosa Purr, with their debut album titled "To The Crickets And The Ghosts", which is out now on Violet Room Records.

Sabrosa Purr are a rock band from Los Angeles, California. They consist of three members, Will Love (Vocals/Guitar), Jacob Thompson (Drums), and Jeff Mendel (Lead Guitar/Foot Bass). The band have released an E.P titled "The Violet Room" which came out in 2005, and this new release is their debut full length. It is produced by Tracy Chisholm. Listening to this album, a couple of influences soon become pretty clear. One minute the band sound like Nirvana at their most furious, and then there are soft mellow Pink Floyd moments. Both things are definitely not a bad thing, and Sabrosa Purr draw upon their influences to create their own sound.
Vocalist Will Love has a tremendous vocal range, from full on lung bursting screams, to gentle haunting whispers. Alongside some solid drumming from Jacob Thompson, and Lead Guitarist Jeff Mendel's awesome solos and riffs, it leads to one hell of a diverse and engaging album which is full of attitude.

One interesting thing about Sabrosa Purr is that they do not have a bass player. The band apparently see little need for one, and as far as this album goes you can see why. When playing live, the tracks that they do require bass for are done by Mendel, using a foot bass. Not entirely sure what that is but I'd love to see that live one day!

Find out more about the band by going to their myspace.