New Wave Of Music #12

Its been a week and thats far too long, but here's another post of awesome tunes that i've come across recently. I've also changed the colours of the blog to refresh things a bit, you like?

MP3: Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down
This will be the second time this track has been released, but its a stormer so who cares. Its out on the 4th Feb on Mercury. I'm seeing them in Cardiff for their UK tour so look out for the gig review. Blood Red Shoes

Hercules And Love Affair - Blind (Feat. Anthony Hegarty) [Go to the myspace to check the song out]

This track has grown on me every time i've heard it, its awesome! The distinctive vocals come from Anthony Hegarty from Anythony And The Johnsons. Hercules And Love Affair / Anthony And The Johnsons

MP3: N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose

New track from N.E.R.D, which appears to also be the first single off the forthcoming new album. It seems most people aren't into it, but I really quite like it. N.E.R.D

MP3: The Ting Tings - Great DJ

Haven't really got into this band till I heard this track. So it'll be interesting to hear some more of their material. This single will be released on the 3rd March on BMG. The Ting Tings

MP3: Hearts Revolution - Prism Effect

Fans of Crystal Castles should like this duo, who share a similar love for electro fused noise. This is a fairly chilled out track by their standards but it works well. Hearts Revolution

MP3: The Mars Volta - Wax Simulacra

This is the first single off the new Mars Volta album "Bedlam In Goliath" which came out this week on Mercury. Its a typically mental record, check it out! The Mars Volta


  1. Thanks for sharing your finds with us, really enjoyed it.

    I return this - might be a bit old school for your taste.

  2. wow a new NERD track....and hearts revolution too! Thanks

  3. Wax Simulacra is amazing. I'm really glad it won a grammy.


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