Catcutter Records present...A Sketch For Summer

I was recently sent a new compilation CD from Catcutter Records. I had never heard of the label before, or indeed any of the bands featured on the album. However the young label had already made a healthy impression with their willingness to send the cd to me, and their clear faith in the bands on their roster.

The compilation is a wide ranging mix of slow clapped out bangers interspersed with souped up monster trucks. (Is that the worst description of a cd ever?).

Highlights for me included the brilliant acoustic performance of Blind Spectator with "Solitude Tide", the feel good factor of electronic fused Telegramme with "Dance", and the mashed up high tempo indie anthem of "NHS Dentist" by goFASTER>>.

All the tracks from "A Sketch For Summer" can be downloaded for free on the label's website - and you can also grab an actual physical cd from 50 "real" music shops around the country, isn't that a novelty! Ha!

If you have a spare minute or three then why not check out an excellent new blog i've recently discovered titled "Bare Knuckle Reviews". It's a wicked insight into the worlds of both the Metal and Electro scenes respectively. Check it out!


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