Holidays are coming...

I've had enough! The wettest August on record in the UK, no thanks! So i've just decided im going to jet off to Portugal for a couple of weeks...

Well I say just decided, it was actually decided about a month ago, but whatever i'm out of here!

But I haven't forgotten about you Music Libbers, i've got several posts which i've already written which will appear at several points over the next couple of weeks. They aren't the most detailed, but do contain some awesome tunes that should keep you going until I return!

Adeus for now!

MP3: LCD Soundsystem - Time To Get Away
MP3: Funeral For A Friend - Walk Away
MP3: Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye


  1. Sid,
    Great blog!!! Those 3 songs are amazing! I immediately bought them on itunes after i checked out your blog. My favorite song was by funeral for a friend called walk away. Every time i listen to it send goosebumps throughout my entire body. Thanks to you i am now an official funeral for a friend fan. I hope u enjoyed ur vacation in portugal. keep on the great work.


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